The Champagne Lodge Luxury Hotel Suites in Chicago

Walk through our doors and into our magical pool suites where your delight is our desire

The CL Standard Suite
The CL Premium Suite
The CL Executive Suite
The CL Swimming Pool Suite

Only 18 miles stand between you and some of the most beautiful standard hotel suites Chicago has to offer. Are you planning a romantic getaway? Or, if you’re looking for deluxe hotel suites near you just to get a break from the city life, Champagne Lodge can help. Champagne Lodge’s suites include affordable yet luxurious standard suite rooms that will satisfy any budget.

If you book your stay with us, rest assured that you will find the accommodations more than pleasurable. Our comfortable queen-sized beds and mesmerizing fireplaces are just some of the things that contribute to the unique Champagne Lodge standard suite room experience. During your stay, don’t forget to place a request for luxurious bathrobes for you and your significant other!

We have chosen our suites’ aesthetic carefully to promote relaxation. Being this far from the city, secluded in a luxurious standard suite room size will allow you to reconnect with your partner and spend quality time beside a crackling fireplace.

Our highly trained staff are here to provide you with everything you need so don’t be afraid to make any special requests! Your privacy and time are what we value most, so every room is designed to feel like a romantic getaway.

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