How to Have a Romantic Night at a Hotel in Chicago

The chance to get out of town for a night with nobody else but your partner is always exciting. Couples and especially married couples often don’t have the time to go on romantic dates and enjoy each other as they used to without complete privacy. However, it’s not only about choosing a hotel and expecting that everything will be magical just because you want it to be.

You must think about romantic things to do in a hotel room and make an effort yourself so that the experience is truly special. You can’t just expect everything to be taken care off by the hotel. After all, romance is about you and what you make of it.

To make your night memorable, here are some romantic things to do in a hotel room in Chicago:

Get a room near the city

The first thing is the location of the hotel itself. You can either find a hotel in the heart of the city or seek out a hotel just distant enough to make you forget about the city. Being just far enough outside of the city gives you more time for romantic things to do in the hotel room you rented.

Champagne Lodge is one of the examples. It’s a great romantic hotel that is close but at the same time, secluded enough to give couples the privacy they need. Being close to the city gives you more options to set up romantic moments and do things you will enjoy.

Stay in and order room service

As far as romantic hotel room date ideas go, sometimes it’s best to keep it simple. Some couples like to stay in together, eating their favorite food, and being intimate with each other with nobody around to bother them. If you are this kind of couple, go for it, no need to complicate things.

Find a hotel that offers room service and arrange your favorite meals with some decorations. Add some nice beverages to the mix and you have a winning formula – a perfect romantic night in a hotel.

Get into the hot tub and make a bubble bath

One of the best things you can do when on a romantic adventure is to simply relax, rest, and enjoy the time you have with your partner. A large hot tub is probably one of the best ways to do this. To make your romantic ideas for a hotel room even better, bring some candles along and place them around the hot tub.

Bring your own music

Music can be so romantic, and it can make a huge impact on your overall mood. No matter what you might be doing at any given moment, you can find great music to set the mood. Bring your phone, laptop, or USB and play the music that you both love and enjoy.

If you’re into dancing, you can also rearrange the room so that you can dance to the music. This is one of the most romantic things to do in a hotel room. Just make sure to put everything back where you found it!

The important thing is to be creative. Think about you two as a couple and what you both enjoy doing and bring a piece of that along for the adventure. Or simply book a room at the Champagne Lodge!

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