How The Champagne Lodge is Keeping Guests & Staff Safe Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, it’s vital for businesses to take this crisis seriously. Businesses from convenience stores to hotel chains are adjusting their everyday procedures to ensure staff and customers stay safe and healthy.

At The Champagne Lodge, we are doing exactly that. We have adapted our sanitary requirements to make guests and staff feel comfortable and safe. In addition to that, certain features of our space create a hygienic, isolated environment. We are dedicated to slowing the spread of this virus, while still catering to all our guests’ needs.

Here we’ll discuss how The Champagne Lodge is taking extra precautions to keep our guests and staff safe, happy, and healthy.

Rooms With Outdoor Access

With social distancing being crucial to slow the spread of this virus, individuals must limit contact as much as possible. This becomes difficult in the hotel and hospitality industry. Usually, an individual must walk through a lobby, take an elevator, and walk through a hallway to access their room. This process often involves crossed paths with many other individuals, therefore, making social distancing difficult.

The Champagne Lodge is simplifying this process. Our unique architectural design provides individual outdoor access to every room, eliminating the need to interact with other individuals on the way to your room. Guests can simply walk from their car and enter straight into their room. This limits exposure to potential COVID-19 carriers significantly.

Thorough Sanitary Procedures

The Champagne Lodge has always had a comprehensive cleaning routine for every suite. All suites are deep cleaned to meet four-star cleaning standards. Our comprehensive cleaning routine involves:

Our four-star cleaning service guarantees a spotless, sanitary room with every stay. After every deep clean, every room is inspected to make sure it meets our high cleaning standards.

When you stay at The Champagne Lodge, you’re sure to have a happy, safe, and healthy visit.

City Getaway

If the stress of the city is getting to you during quarantine, The Champagne Lodge is the perfect, hygienic getaway. Located just 18 miles outside of downtown Chicago, this is the perfect spot to get some very much-needed space from the city life.

The Champagne Lodge is the easiest getaway for couples in need of a relaxing weekend where you can forget about the current stresses of the world. You can unwind with our luxurious suites equipped with elegant amenities and more.

The Champagne Lodge is dedicated to helping you feel safe and secure in these troubling times. If you’re in need of a quick escape or a place to hunker down with your significant other, we’re here for you. Book a suite today or contact us to hear more about our extra sanitary precautions!