Couples' Activities in The Western Suburbs

Most couples are simply happy being together because their presence is fun enough, but it’s still important to put some fun into your relationship. So, to keep the fire going, it’s paramount to do things together and have some fun.

Even though hosting a date in your crib sounds like a great idea to you, making some effort to show your special one just how much you care for them is the best way to express your feelings and affection. With that in mind, if you live in Chicago or near the western suburbs, here are some of the most fun activities you can do together.

Grab a Drink at a Cozy Bar

There’s something soothing, relaxing, and unwinding about cozy bars. They are nice and quite romantic. Having a fireplace lounge just for you two might be both fun and romantic at the same time. If a bar is a romantic medieval-like one, that only adds to the atmosphere.

You two can snuggle up during the cold Chicago winter night and warm up near the fire while enjoying each other. If you love fireplaces, Champagne Lodge offers luxury suites with numerous extra features for making your date more than memorable.

Go Ice Skating

Hitting the ice for some ice skating is an idyllic way of having a fun date. Keep in mind that you’ll have to rent the skates if you don’t have your own, but ice skating is a lot of fun when it’s done by two and it’s especially fun if it’s your first time.

A Drinking Dome for a Great Experience

While having a couple of drinks at a hot new restaurant or a rooftop bar has its own charms, an outdoor drinking igloo or a dome, depending on what season it is, can be extremely memorable. And if you’ve probably never been inside one, you can cross it off your bucket list!

Once the drinks kick in, just go with the flow and let things roll on their own. Choose hot drinks if its cold and just explore a wonderland rooftop with your better half.

Silly Sports

There’s nothing better than fooling around while engaging in some silly sports. Try out archery, throw knives, go climbing or sky diving, climb a tree or take a ride on a horse – the options are endless.

You can also go a step further and take a graffiti class while listening to some hip hop, the choice is yours. After some sports, going for dinner and drinks seems like a perfect match.

If you’re looking for the most memorable date night in the western suburbs, book a room with Champagne Lodge today!

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