Romance is always a good thing to have in life. In case you didn’t know, it’s quite possible to spend a night in a hotel where the staff will do everything in their power to enhance a couple’s stay. Most romance packages in Chicago hotels consist of special romantic amenities that successfully add to your stay by adding a little bit of romance to your stay.

Hotel romance packages are mostly aimed at pleasing the desires and requests of romantic couples looking for a special time when celebrating an anniversary or traveling on a honeymoon. It can include everything from late checkout to breakfast in bed.

Here is exactly what to expect in a romance package.

What Does the One Romance Package Include?

There are generally two versions of romance getaway packages: simple and elaborate. A simple romance package is, just as the name suggests, simple and it can consist of something as common as a bottle of sparkling water waiting upon your arrival.

An elaborate romance package, on the other hand, can consists of many different things such as a romantic candlelight dinner for two, served in a private and scenic spot. Or maybe limo transportation, side-by-side massages, and so on.

The Most Typical Romance Package Amenities

Each hotel has a different policy when it comes to what they include in their romance packages. The most typical romance package amenities include:

It’s also possible to create customized or original romance packages according to your requests and desires but for that, you need to select a finer hotel. With that in mind, if you’re looking for more luxurious hotel romance packages, check out The Champagne Lodge as our luxury suites might just be the thing that you’re after.

It’s possible to work with our hotel staff to create your ideal romantic package that suits your requests, so if you’re planning on proposing and presenting a diamond engagement ring, don’t worry because a romance package will have you covered in full.

Check out our best romance getaway packages and surprise your partner with the most immersive romantic time together in a private and secluded atmosphere that will ensure that you a fantastic getaway.

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